Sustainable Luxury at our Panama Eco Resort

Welcome to Selva Terra, where sustainability meets luxury in the heart of Panama. As an eco-conscious traveler, your journey to our resort is not just a vacation but a commitment to protect our planet. Here’s how Selva Terra stands out in taking care of the environment.

As a Panama Eco Resort, Selva Terra takes pride in running entirely on solar energy. By harnessing the power of the sun, we have significantly reduced our reliance on fossil fuels, minimizing our carbon footprint and setting a new standard for eco-friendly hospitality. Our dedication to sustainable energy practices ensures that your stay with us leaves behind nothing but footprints in the sand.

Supporting Local Communities

We believe in the power of community, which is why we prioritize sourcing products locally. From fresh produce to seafood caught just offshore, we work closely with nearby communities and fishermen to support their livelihoods and promote sustainable practices. By choosing Selva Terra Panama Eco Resort, you’re investing in the prosperity of Panama’s local economies.

Commitment to Marine Conservation

As an enthusiastic partner with the World Marine Heritage Site (WMHS) in the East Pacific, Selva Terra is deeply committed to marine conservation initiatives in Panama and beyond, solidifying its status as a true Panama Eco Resort. The WMHS, featuring representatives from Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ecuador, is dedicated to creating and enforcing regulations focused on protecting endangered marine species and their habitats. Whether through clearing debris from the seas or advocating for sustainable fishing methods, our dedication remains unwavering in safeguarding our oceans for the benefit of future generations. This commitment is a key reason why Selva Terra proudly holds the title of a Panama Eco Resort.

Commitment to Marine Conservation

Through our affiliate brand, Panama Nautical Club, we promote sustainable sportfishing practices that align with the goals of marine conservation. Our founder believes that protecting the ocean is not just a responsibility but a necessity for our collective future. By adhering to strict standards and advocating for ocean preservation, we ensure that our activities leave minimal impact on marine ecosystems.

Commitment to Marine Conservation

As advocates for marine conservation, we encourage our guests to take proactive steps to protect our oceans. Choose reef-safe sunscreen, verify the sustainability of your seafood, and be mindful of your impact when snorkeling or enjoying beach activities. Stay engaged with organizations like the World Marine Heritage Site through social media to stay informed and involved in conservation efforts.

At Selva Terra Panama Eco Resort, sustainability isn’t just a trend – it’s a way of life. Join us in preserving Panama’s natural beauty and creating a brighter, greener future for all.