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Welcome to an unparalleled fishing experience with Selva Terra Resort, where we proudly collaborate with the esteemed 5-star sportfishing operation, Panama Nautical Club. Against the stunning backdrop of Isla Boca Brava in Chiriquí, your Boca Chica Panama fishing adventure begins at Selva Terra, promising a blend of luxury and excitement.

The gulf's bounty

Discover the incredible marine diversity of the Gulf of Chiriquí at Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa during your Boca Chica Panama fishing adventure. Over a thrilling 3-day trip, you’ll have the chance to catch marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish, cubera snapper, wahoo, Mahi, bluefin trevally, snook, grouper, and amberjack in this prolific big game fishing destination.

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crafting your fishing experience at our private island lodge


Our luxury all-inclusive lodge and top-notch fishing equipment, including twin diesel inboard sportfishing boats with full shade, comfortable fighting chairs, and satellite trackers, guarantee a smooth and secure adventure. Our private marina and dock ensure a hassle-free boarding process, allowing you to embark at your convenience. Throughout your journey, our English speaking captains, are dedicated to creating clear and enjoyable interactions, ensuring that your Boca Chica Panama fishing experience surpasses expectations.


Our accommodations are thoughtfully designed to accommodate couples, families, and larger groups, offering the added convenience of vacuum-sealing your catch. Additionally, upon request, you can indulge in a delightful and flavorful dinner on the very same day!


Take a moment to explore the carefully curated packages offered by the Panama Nautical Club and Selva Terra Resort. These packages go beyond being just a fishing trip; they are a seamless fusion of luxury and adventure. Guided by seasoned captains, set against the breathtaking beauty of Isla Boca Brava, and surrounded by the diverse marine life of Boca Chica, an extraordinary fishing journey awaits.


We invite you to join us for an experience that transcends the mere act of fishing.

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