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The Island of Boca Brava is a Natural Paradise in Panama

In such a hectic world, sometimes we just need to disconnect from technology and connect to nature. This is exactly what Selva Terra Island Resort offers its guests. Don’t worry, we do have Wi-Fi if you need to connect, but we promise that your stay on Boca Brava Island will leave you recharged.

Our location on the island of Boca Brava places us in the Gulf of Chiriquí is one of the most pristine areas of Panama. It is quite close to the border of Costa Rica for those who want to do a multi-country trip. With 36,423-acre (14,740-hectare) this marine park the second largest in Panama after Coiba. Nature enthusiasts can see an abundance of birds, animals and marine life depending on the activities they wish to do in their vacation in Panama.

Interact with Nature

Wake up in Selva Terra Island Resort to the sound of howler monkeys, the residents of Boca Brava. These large monkeys are famous for their loud howls which can travel three miles through the rainforest in the island of Boca Brava. Males will howl at dawn and dusk to protect their territory and mates. They are one of the loudest land animals.

When you leave your room make sure you pay attention when you walk. By the outdoor chess game, you will usually find our resident anteater which gets its name from its diet of ants and termites. This anteater is curious and sometimes it even wonders by the pool area. Another one of our local celebrities is an iguana. You will see him pop his head from a hole that has a sign that says “iguana’s home.”

Birdwatching in Panama

Even in Selva Terra Island Resort, you will be able to see a large array of birds. Their singing is always present as you move through the gardens to reach your bungalow. All you have to do is look up to see a common black hawk perched on a branch or flocks of green parrots flying between trees. Small colorful birds walk through the grass looking for food and hummingbirds zoom from flower to flower.

Birdwatchers will love talking a hike through the rainforest. You’ll see toucans, woodpeckers, tanagers, vivid warbles, among other birds. This hike starts from the beach and takes you up to a lookout point where you can see all a panoramic view of the island of Boca Brava. It is suitable for people of all ages with moderate physical conditions.

Paddle out in a kayak or stand up paddle to the mangroves where you can see herons, leggy spoonbills, and ibis along the coast of Boca Brava. If you go to Isla Secas you will pass by an island that has thousands of frigate birds. The sight of the male frigate’s inflated red pouch is quite magnificent, they do this to attract females.

Marine life

Fishing in Panama is one of the best in the world, especially in the Gulf of Chiriquí. Sport fishers can catch yellowfin tuna, jack, black and blue marlin, cubera snappers, roosterfish, among others. Underwater there is plenty of marine life as well since the Gulf of Chiriquí National Marine Park has nineteen coral reefs. Whether you decide to go snorkeling or diving, the number of colorful fish will amaze you.

You can see humpback whales in Panama during July, August, September, and October. They come to mate and calf in our warm waters. As you go from island to island you will see hawksbill sea turtles bobbing their heads in the water and dolphins playing with the waves.

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