Kayaking Panama

Types of Kayaking in Panama

Kayaking in Panama

There are different types of kayaking that can be done in Panama. The country has a coastal abundance and has been ranked as the best for river kayaking in Central America.

River and sea kayaking is available in many areas of the country. You can kayak in the bay around Panama City during sunset or sunrise. Paddle past the modern skyscrapers on Avenida Balboa as you reach the old colonial city of Casco Viejo. Also close to Panama City, Taboga Island is a great place for sea kayaking.

Whitewater and River Kayaking in Panama

Chagres River Expedition / Class II-III

In the Chagres River Expedition you will see the wilderness surrounding the Reserve of Forth San Lorenzo. Spanish conquistadors built the fortress to seal this route from pirates that wanted to attack Panama City. In this circuit you will paddle twelve kilometers towards the Caribbean Ocean. It is one of the best types of kayaking in Panama. Ages: 9 years up.

Pacora Whitewater River Kayaking / Class II-III

This river is located about an hour from the City. This type of kayaking in Panama should be done during the rainy season, July through mid-December. Fun ride with challenging rapids. Ages: 12 years up. Review more details of the tour, Pacora River Kayaking

Whitewater Chiriqui Tour

Chiriqui is home to more than 35 world-class whitewater runs. In this whitewater experience you will learn about techniques, river awareness, boat safety, and more. Full day tour that starts with learning important theory. You will have the opportunity to practice the techniques of this type of kayaking in Panama on that same day.

Sea Kayaking in Panama

Panama Canal Kayaking

This type of kayaking in Panama has certain restrictions. For example, you can’t paddle through the Canal locks nor the marked main ships navigation channel. Ages: 9 and up. This is a year-round experience with Adventures Panama.

Kayaking in the Gulf of Panama

Taboga is located within the Gulf of Panama in the Pacific Ocean, 20kms from Panama City. Therefore, this is a great tour to spot sea birds due to the abundance of fish. Island kayaking has become a popular type of kayaking in Panama. Make sure you review all details of this Full Sea kayaking day tour. 

Kayaking in the Gulf of Chiriqui

The Gulf of Chiriqui is one of the best places for sea kayaking in Panama. Selva Terra Island Resort provides free kayaks for guests. Those who want to do an easy kayak trip can go from the beach around the peninsula where the hotel is located and down mangroves. It is also possible to venture further away, but it’s recommended to go with a resort’s guide. There are several beaches you can explore in the vicinity and enjoy different types of kayaking experiences.

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