• Can I pay my room when I check in?

To guarantee your accommodation you have to pay 10% at the moment you make the reservation, 90 days prior to your arrival you must pay 40% and the remaining 50% will be collected within 30 days prior to your arrival. Xmas / New year (21st of December through the 4th of January) requires full payment 90 days prior to arrival.

  • Why can’t I stay for only one night or two?

It is impossible to enjoy the Cala Mia experience in one or two days only. This is why the minimum stay is of 3 nights.


  • Do you provide refund if I have to leave the resort prior to my departure date?

No refunds. You can make use of the remaining credit and apply it to a future reservation.


  • Can I opt for a late check out?

Check out is at 11 am, however, late checkout is available. The use of the bungalow is subject to availability. If your bungalow has other guests checking in, you will have to check out of your bungalow at 10:30 am but you can enjoy all of our facilities and we will provide storage for your belongings and a bathroom for your use.


  • What happens if I want to cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation for any reason and you can make use of your credit within a 12-month period. You can also choose to transfer this credit to be used by another person.


  • Do I have to get there by boat?

Yes, based on your schedule our boat will be ready to transfer you to the island.


  • Can I transport my car on the ferry?

You should leave your car parked in Boca Chica town, it’s a third party that lives in town and provides the service for 2.00 USD per night.


  • Can I be dropped off or picked up by a friend’s boat?

Based on security and insurance regulations, only our boats can make use of our private dock. If you wish to visit with your own boat, we can offer you our marina services, you must communicate you will arrive in your boat so we are ready for your arrival.


  • Can a friend pick me up in their private boat to go adventure for the day and come back?

No, but we can drop you off at the Boca Chica dock.


  • Do you have a refrigerator in the bungalows?

Yes, you will be asked which beverages you would like in the fridge on check in.


  • Can I bring my own food and beverages?

We are an all-inclusive resort; all meals and drinks are included within your stay. You are more than welcome to bring snacks or your preferred drinks. Keep in mind that storing food in your bungalow may attract ants and unwanted animals.


  • If I have any dietary restrictions and need to bring my own food do I get any discounts?

14 days prior to your arrival you will receive an email requesting you to provide information regarding your dietary needs. We will cater to your requirements and make sure we have your preferred diet available for you. Make sure to share with us all the relevant details.


  • Can I bring my kosher food?

Yes, you can bring your kosher food, we can store it in our fridge if needed. We can also accommodate the Luna Azul beach bar’s grill for you to cook if you need to. You can also bring your foldable warming tray if you want to keep your food warm for Shabbat.


  • As I am bringing my own kosher food, do I get a discount in my rate?

Our all-inclusive rates are offered with applied discounts and we do not apply any additional discounts if you wish to bring your own kosher food nor we will charge any corkage or storage fees.


  • Do I have to bring cash?

If there are activities that you would like to add on while on-site, we have a POS machine. As for the payment of gratuities, you can bring cash. (we do not use AMEX).


  • Do I have to prepay gratuities?

In Panama, gratuities are up to your satisfaction. It’s voluntary and it’s considered a reward for the good service you receive. 10% of the total bill is the common gratuity in Panama.


  • Do you have allergy medicines?

If you are allergic we highly suggest you come prepared.


  • Can I bring my kid?

Children under 12 years of age are not permitted on the Island due to their remoteness.


  • What kind of activities do you offer?

You can read all about our Tours & Activities here, or download our Activity Book as a pdf here.


  • Can I create my own itinerary?

Of course! You can let us know your preferred itinerary and we will adapt to it. Water activities and horseback riding are subject to weather. We are flexible to modify your itinerary once on-site.


  • When on-site, if I decide I do not want to do an activity that I chose to add to my package, do I get a refund?

Instead of refund, we offer you the credit to be used within your stay. For example, you can select a different activity or a spa treatment to make use of your credit.


  • Can I invite friends to come to visit for the day and eat at the resort’s restaurant?

Our resort is exclusive to guests only. This is your private island, your home for the days you are here. If you want to visit with a group of friends we can create a special group package.