The importance of MOTHER and DAUGHTER RETREATs


For both mothers and daughters, a trip together is a unique way to celebrate your bond. Investing in a mother daughter retreat is a great way to spend quality time together, away from the distractions of everyday life, improve communication, understand each other more deeply, and build a stronger relationship. It is also provides for a unique and refreshing way to disconnect from any demands from work and partners, really allowing time to foster the mother daughter connection.

Here are some of the main reasons mother and daughter retreats have become a popular family vacation choice:


 Meaningful Communication: Retreats provide an opportunity for mothers and daughters to have meaningful conversations about their lives, feelings, and experiences. By engaging in open and honest communication, you can develop a better understanding of each other’s needs, strengths, and struggles. Through this process you can learn how to provide support for one another and build a stronger relationship

 Create Memories: Attending a mother and daughter retreat creates memories that will last a lifetime. The shared experiences and adventures you will embark on, all help to strengthen your relationship and provide a positive framework for your future interactions.

Relaxation and Stress-Relief: These retreats often include activities that focus on relaxation and stress relief. Examples of these are massages, yoga classes, spa treatments, and mindfulness exercises. These activities can help you to release tension and improve your overall well-being.

Build a Support System: Mother and daughter retreats often involve meeting other mothers and daughters, which in many cases lead to the formation of a support system. Sharing experiences with others in a similar situation can provide insight, encouragement, and a sense of community.


Perhaps you are a mum with a teenage girl and want to dedicate some special time before they venture off into the world alone. The idea of giving them an opportunity to test the waters in a safe and guided way before embarking on solo travels, or taking a gap year may sound enticing. After all, who can be a better teacher than their mum, to teach them all of the essential life skills they may not learn in school?

 Or you are both adults, and want to find are looking to enable you to show up for each other in more authentic, loving, and connected way. Setting time aside to go on a mother daughter retreat will not only give you inclusive time together, but will help you get to know yourself better. 

Generally these retreats fall into 2 categories: mother and teenage daughters or adult ones. If you are looking to bring your teenage daughter, just make sure that the retreat is catered to your daughters age group.

mother daughter retreats at selva terra

Selva Terra Private Island Resort is a luxurious wellness retreat center in Panama that provides an ideal setting for a mother daughter retreat. The accommodations are designed for ultimate relaxation, with private casitas and rooms that offer views of Panama’s Pacific ocean.

Our resort is located on a serene, tropical private island and is the perfect location for an island adventure, or to just simply connect with nature and relax. Selva Terra is surrounded by lush landscaped gardens, with 2 private beaches and infinity pool, allowing for a tranquil and laid back, yet luxurious, getaway.

On the island, you will have plenty of chances to immerse yourself in our island adventures, as well as yoga, meditation, sound bath healing, spa treatments. Our diverse offering of experiences helps to create a balanced and fulfilling experience for both mothers and daughters.

We also offer a VIP experience in Panama City for all of our guests. We can arrange VIP immigration clearance, airport transfers and domestic flights, overnight stays in the capital, the Panama Canal or Old City Tour. You will be taken care of from the moment you step off the plane in Panama City, and we will ensure that mothers and daughters feel pampered and cared for throughout their stay.

Contact us today to enquire about our retreat opening dates for 2024/2025.