How to Host Your Own Panama Retreat

host your own panama retreat

Boca Brava, a private island gem, is located on the southwest coast of Panama, embraced by the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Your ultimate Panama Retreat awaits at the exquisite Selva Terra Island Resort. Selva Terra, meaning Jungle Land, is a haven where sea, sand, and jungle converge to craft a sublime slice of paradise in Panama. If South America has been a long-standing dream on your bucket list, consider this your warm invitation to join us. Here, I unveil some insider secrets about this secluded island!

LUXURY AMENITIES and ocean facing rooms

Embark on opulence at our Panama Retreat Private Island, where king-size beds and panoramic glass views redefine luxury. Each bedroom is a designed masterpiece with glass windows framing sunrise or sunset over the Pacific Ocean. And yes, air conditioning is a given! Your private terrace awaits with hand crafted furniture, a hammock for ultimate relaxation, and enchanting nights under the stars—watch for shooting stars; wishes might come true. 

Our restaurant boasts an exquisite ambiance with wooden-designed tables, where you can enjoy a high-quality 3 course dinner menu served with silver cutlery, in the inviting indoor and terrace areas, or amidst the al fresco setting by the infinity pool. Across the bridge, our spa room awaits, offering rejuvenating treatments in a serene island setting. 

Selva Terra Resort assures celestial luxury for your Panama retreat, promising restful nights, unforgettable moments, and a dining experience that epitomizes sophistication.


Our comprehensive package extends to unlimited drinks and meals from an open menu, featuring a delectable array of dishes, snacks, and treats. With access to two private beaches, indulge in sun-soaked moments or find shade beneath swaying coconut trees. Hosting a Panama Retreat here ensures an enriching experience with activities and amenities that cater to every desire.


Your stay at Selva Terra Resort is crafted to be a tailored experience, offering a diverse range of organized activities, from hiking to thrilling surfing, scenic horseback riding, and delightful island hopping. For those seeking mindful movement, our yoga shala provides the perfect haven and has all of the props available for your yoga practice.

Hosting up to 30 people at a time, our team will put together a detailed itinerary for your Panama retreat. You can rest assured there will be something for everyone. We even take care of logistics in the capital Panama City, so that your experience is seamless from the moment you arrive in the country.

Secure your passage to paradise today and let the enchantment of luxury work its magic for you.


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