Top Panama Dive Sites

3 of the Top Scuba Diving Sites in Panama

Panama diving the best of Gulf of Chiriqui

Home to over 760 species of tropical fish and 33 species of sharks, the Gulf of Chiriquí boasts some of the top scuba diving sites in Panama. From their vibrant marine life to their ancient coral reefs, these incredible underwater locations will take your breath away.

Isla Secas

The clear waters of Isla Secas provide an incredible and adventurous diving experience. Located on a chain of sixteen volcanic islands, the unique underwater landscape includes sheltered inshore reefs as well as exposed off-shore and deep-water locations. As such, the island provides an enjoyable diving experience for divers of all ages and skill levels. The island’s thriving marine ecosystem includes white-tipped reef sharks, humpback whales, and a variety of stingrays and sea turtles. If you venture closer to the ocean’s floor, you may see crabs, lobsters, sea stars, octopus, eels, or sea horses dwelling among the hard and soft corals.

Coiba Island

Often coined as the “New Galapagos,” Coiba Island is home to an enormous and array of diverse marine life. Due to the water’s strong currents, sizable fish frequently dwell in these turquoise waters, including dolphins, white-tipped reef sharks, manta rays, and large schools of barracudas and snappers. If you visit between January and April, you may even get to see the ocean’s largest fish—the monumental whale shark. Since there is so much to see, consider spending at least two or three days exploring the island’s incredible underwater sights.

Isla Ladrones

Isla Ladrones is an uninhabited island located along the Gulf of Chiriquí. Amongst some of Panama’s oldest coral reefs, divers will find a diverse variety of vibrant ocean life. Species that frequent these waters year-round include devil fish, eagle fish, and sharks such as white-tip, black-tip, and nurse. Seasonal species include giant manta rays which appear between May and November and humpback whales which emerge with their calves between July and October.

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