Advanced Hiking Trails to Take in Boquete, Panama

Advanced Hiking Trails to Take in Boquete, Panama

Panama is a stunning country filled with breathtaking nature and incredible wildlife. To fully immerse yourself in the incredible natural surroundings the country has to offer, go on a hike. Home to some of the best hiking trails in Panama is Boquete, a breathtaking mountain town situated at the base of the Baru Volcano—the country’s tallest peak. If you’re interested in challenging yourself while you view some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, embark on a journey down one of these advanced hiking trails to take in Boquete, Panama.

Pipeline Trail

The Pipeline trail is located in the Bajo Mono region, just outside of Boquete. The Pipeline Trail is a well-maintained hiking trail that follows alongside a river through a mature tropical forest. The 2.5 km hike largely goes uphill, and it takes around two hours to complete. It offers beautiful views of old-growth trees, including an impressive, thousand-year-old tree. In addition to the vibrant plant life, what makes the Pipeline Trail truly remarkable is the opportunity to spot rare species of wildlife. Animals you may see include the Resplendent Quetzal, sloths, monkeys, and hundreds of native bird species.

The Lost Waterfalls Trail

The Lost Waterfalls Trail offers a stunning retreat into untouched tropical cloud forests. The challenging hike parallels a stunning creak, known as the Quebrada La Mina, which winds through a series of ridges and valleys above Boquete. As you hike along the rustic trail, you’ll find three breathtaking waterfalls that spill into the Rio Caldera. Hikes along the Lost Waterfalls Trail typically take around two to three hours to complete.

La Piedra De Lino Hike

If you’re up for a challenge, try your hand at the La Piedra De Lino Hike. This hike may be fairly short at only 1/3 km, but the elevation of 434 meters along the trail makes this journey particularly difficult. If you decide to make the climb, you’ll receive an impeccable view from the top of the rock of Lino as a reward. The expansive view will include sights of the Baru Volcano, Bajo Mono, and the east of Boquete.

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