Essential Hiking Safety Tips Everyone Should Follow

Essential Hiking Safety Tips Everyone Should Follow

Hiking often provides a relaxing way to connect with nature, but it also comes with some risks. Whether you just started hiking or already have years of experience, nobody is immune to getting injured or lost while out on the trail. To help you avoid getting into danger while on your next hike, consider these essential hiking safety tips everyone should follow.

Stick to the trail

While going off the beaten path might seem like an exciting adventure, it’s also very dangerous. Venturing off the trail means you risk encountering dangerous obstacles and getting lost. If you lose your way, it will also make it far more difficult for search parties to find you. Not only does venturing off the trail create a risky situation, it can also damage natural resources. You may accidentally disturb animals, crush vegetation, and contribute to soil erosion. You should always stick to the trail.

Go with a guide

If you plan to explore an unfamiliar or particularly challenging trail, it’s always a good idea to bring a guide. Having someone familiar with the area to help you navigate through challenging terrain will help you avoid getting into danger and injuring yourself.

Check the weather

Before you embark on a hike, make sure to check the weather. Inclement weather such as lightning, rain, or excessive wind can cause a safe trail to become dangerous. Even small changes in weather, such as light rain, can make the trail slick. To avoid getting into a potentially life-threatening situation, you should always ensure the weather in your area will be safe during your hike.

Bring a buddy

If you choose not to hike with a professional guide, you should at least bring a buddy. Hiking alone might offer an amazing meditative experience, but it can also be extremely dangerous. For example, if something happens while you’re out on the trail, such as a twisted ankle, you won’t have anyone to help you make your way back. If you don’t bring a buddy, at least give someone a copy of your hiking itinerary and have them check in with you after your hike. This way, they’ll know to send help if something goes wrong.

Budget your time correctly

You want to make sure you have enough time to finish your hike before it gets dark. Hiking at night poses several additional safety risks, as the low visibility makes it difficult to see obstacles and increases your chances of getting lost. In addition, various potentially dangerous animals may also emerge at night. You should start your hike earlier in the day, and budget plenty of time for you to return safely before dusk.

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