Experience a Panama Highlands and Island Vacation Package

Experience a Panama Highlands and Island Vacation

The province of Chiriqui in Panama is privileged since it has everything: a growing capital city, mountains and beaches. Experience the best of Chiriqui with our “Islands and Highland” experience. You will stay in Selva Terra Resort on the island of Boca Brava in the Gulf of Chiriqui and in one of our partner hotels in the highlands of Boquete.  

Experiences can be tailored according to your preferences. We recommend spending at least two nights in each destination. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in planning your exotic highlands and Panama islands vacation.  

Gulf of Chiriqui 

Visitors at our Panama island resort will be picked up from the airport in the city of David and taken to the port of Boca Chica where they will embark on a 15-minute boat ride to cross to the island of Boca Brava. Selva Terra Island Resort will welcome its guests on the pier with refreshing cold towels.

You won’t have to worry about anything since all of your vacation in the Gulf of Chiriqui is planned. You stay with us will include all meals and drinks.   

It is a blessing to find a place as pristine as the Gulf of Chiriqui. This marine park covers an area of 150 square kilometers making it ideal for island hopping. Our island trip includes visits to nearby islands such as Bolaños, Gamez, or Paridas. Snorkeling enthusiasts will love the marine diversity of the Pacific. Thousands of colorful fish will swim with you. If you are lucky you can see turtles, manta rays, dolphins, and reef sharks. July through October is whale season since humpback whales migrate to give birth in Panama.  

Those who simply want to relax can spend the day reading under a palm tree on their own private beach. Our staff will set up a picnic for you to enjoy a perfect island day.  

Guests can pick between hiking or a horseback tour. Both activities are suitable for children and people who have modest physical conditions. The trail is the same, but you will venture further on horse than by foot. Horseback riding is done on very tame horses. You will take a quick boat ride to reach the starting point, where an indigenous Ngöbe-Buglé guide will get you settled to venture through a cow pasture to reach a panoramic lookout point on a hill. Then you will go down into a tropical rainforest crossing small rivers to reach Selva Terra Island Resort. 

Hikes start from the beach where the horseback riding tour ends, but you will take a different path. The island of Boca Brava is home to thousands of howler monkeys that you will be able to see in this walk. This lush rainforest is full of plants and colorful flowers that will surround you as you go up to another lookout point. If requested, additional activities can be included, such as fishing, diving, or birdwatching. 


After spending a couple of days in the lowlands, it is time to go to the Panama highlands of Chiriqui. A driver will take you to Boquete where you will spend the next couple of days. We selected a small group of hotels to partner within the “Islands and Highland” experience.  

This town is famous for producing the most expensive coffee in the world. The Geisha variety sells unroasted for over $1,000 in Japan! Don’t worry you can try it for a few dollars in local coffee shops. Many coffee plantations offer tours for you to learn how your morning cup is made. 

Adventure junkies will love our Panama Island resort since they can go river rafting, horseback riding, rappel, rock climbing or rush down a canopy zipline. The most popular hiking trails are the Baru Volcano, Panama’s highest point, and the Los Quetzales trail which takes you from Boquete to Volcan.  

Having such fertile soil makes it a wonderful gastronomical destination. Visitors will be able to pick from many culinary styles. Farms offer visits to see where your food comes from. The diversity is so impressive that it is the only place where you can do honey tastings, since beehives are placed throughout the province to produce different flavored honey.  

Combining Boquete and the Gulf of Chiriqui allows visitors to experience the best of Chiriqui. For reservations get in touch or call us +507 6972-6954 +1 800-507-1246.

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