a Top Panama Scuba Diving Resort

Selva Terra proudly stands out as one of the top Panama Scuba Diving Resorts situated on our private island, Boca Brava. This paradise, surrounded by lush jungle, provides an exclusive place for scuba diving enthusiasts. With a seasoned professional team with over two decades of expertise, Selva Terra promises a unique and personalized diving experience.

Personalized Panama Diving Experience

We’re dedicated to crafting an exceptional scuba diving experience. Led by our dive instructor and experienced English-speaking captain, our professional team ensures effective communication and engaging interactions. Beginning at our private marina, equipped with fuel service and a private dock, we prioritise tailored attention to create a secure and supportive scuba diving environment that caters to individual needs.

Your underwater adventure unfolds on a private offshore vessel, a central aspect of our commitment. With a full dive center featuring on-site NAUI instructors and Divemasters, we prioritise safety and expertise in every dive. During your stay, you can get NAUI OW, Advanced or Rescue certified. You can also take a Discover Scuba class if you would like to try it for the first time.

Boat operations are seamlessly aligned with your schedule, providing a customised experience that sets Selva Terra apart among Panama Scuba Diving Resorts. Your journey beneath the Pacific Ocean waves is not only seamless but also safe and unforgettable.

Diving Gems Await You

If you’re in search of a Panama Scuba Diving Resort, Selva Terra is situated in the Pacific Ocean, enveloping the Gulf of Chiriqui. This location reveals a rich diversity of marine life, making it an ideal setting for an exciting and highly rewarding scuba diving experience. Selva Terra’s thoughtfully chosen diving spots include captivating islands where tropical rainforests seamlessly meet deserted beaches in shades of white and sandy grey. Among these islands are the enchanting Islas Secas, Isla Ladrones, and Coiba, each offering a unique array of captivating sites. 

Selva Terra stands out as one of the best Panama Scuba Diving Resorts, offering a unique experience on a private island for up to 28 divers. With all-inclusive packages, luxurious amenities, and a focus on comfort and adventure, our resort provides an unforgettable stay in a awe-inspiring setting.