Nature Vacation in Panama

Embark on an extraordinary nature vacation with Selva Terra’s immersive adventure packages. Our carefully selected experiences bring you close to the untamed beauty that characterizes Panama.

Land Adventures: Explore Panama's Secrets

Delve into neighboring islands, savoring the calls of tropical birds like the Yellow-headed Caracara, Orange-chinned Parakeet, Ferruginous Pygmy Owl, Black-cheeked Woodpecker, and Blue-headed Parrot. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable nature vacation where the rustling leaves and rhythmic ocean waves unveil the wild beauty of Panama.

Jungle Excursions: Symphony of Nature's Wonders

Complete your nature vacation by discovering the heart of Panama’s lush landscapes through our jungle adventure offerings. Traverse the jungle in our Horseback Riding Adventure, reaching the highest point for a panoramic view of the Gulf of Chiriquí. Encounter jungle companions and establish a deeper connection with the diverse flora and fauna thriving in this rich ecosystem, including Howler and White-faced Capuchin Monkeys, Three-toed Sloth, Basilisk Lizard, Spectacled Caiman and Green Iguana.

Oceanic Discoveries: Dive into Marine Wonders

Immerse yourself in the marine wonders surrounding Boca Brava with activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and sport fishing to  witness everything from tropical fish and coral reefs to sea turtles, dolphins, whales, puffer fish, mahi-mahi, billfish, and beyond. Inshore Fishing becomes a rhythmic dance with the tides, while a 2-Tank Scuba Diving Excursion unveils the mysteries beneath the ocean’s surface. Selva Terra’s nature vacation experiences offer a unique perspective on the diverse and captivating marine life that calls the waters of Panama home.


At Selva Terra, our nature vacations are invitations to connect with the unique spirit of Panama. Book your personalized wildlife-infused journey today and experience the best in nature vacation adventures!