Panama beach resort

Panama Beach Resort All Inclusive Destination

Cala Mia is a world-wide recognized Panama all-inclusive beach resort that is located in Boca Brava Island. The island’s geographical position makes this the perfect destination for your Panama experience of beach and mountains. Panama is a small country that lies within an isthmus. The Isthmus of Panama is a narrow strip of land that connects the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The Isthmus also links North and South America. Besides the country’s recognition due to the Panama Canal, the countryside’s touristic development also aids to the popularity of the country.

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The non-developed areas are a major attraction as well. Virgin cloud forests, tropical rainforests, other varieties of forests, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and, archipelagos with many islands. These are some of the reasons why many decide to plan their vacations in exotic destinations throughout Panama. Some people are beach lovers, some prefer the mountains and some can’t decide which they love most. For the ones that love both scenarios, consider staying in a destination where you can have both experiences.

Stress-free vacation

When you have a specific amount of time to visit a place, not really knowing the area could prevent you from seizing the day to the fullest. Going into an unknown destination could be stressful if you are not sure of what to do or where to go. In this all-inclusive Panama beach resort, you can relax and truly vacation. Allow the resort’s logistic team to create an itinerary for you to take full advantage of your time. Choose a combination of your preferred beach and mountain activities. Experience the contrast of the island’s jungle and the highland’s cloud forests that are just an hour and a half away from the resort. Toast to your favorite cocktail in the warmth of the bay and by the next day put on your coat and visit a coffee plantation.

Feel safe when you visit an exotic destination

For some people, the unknown could be a little scary. Will I be safe when I get there? Should I take cash with me? Some of these could be the interrogatives that come to mind when thinking of visiting a remote location.

The exclusiveness of this Panama beach resort allows you to feel as safe as at home. It’s like going to an invitation-only private party. You share the island with other guests and staff. Your daily adventures can be fully private or you can choose to share with other guests. The harmonic atmosphere of the beach resort could make you create new friends, but there is also enough space for you to make of this your private island getaway.

Everything will be taken care of for you. The favorable outcome of your trip relies on the meticulously planning of it, prior to your arrival to the country. From the minute you step foot into Panama until the moment when you fly out back home. Cala Mia believes in a stretch communication following a successful use of your time during your visit. The only thing you have to worry about is letting us know what you want and, we will make it happen.

Panama All-inclusive Beach Resort

Choosing an all-inclusive beach resort for your visit to an exotic destination is the ideal way to go. Be worry-less, careless of anything else other than enjoying the present. Immerse yourself into nature and admire its dense and tangled jungle’s vegetation. Let your soul be uplifted by the adrenaline that’s produced by a combination of factors such as enjoying fresh seasonal fruits while the sun is rising over the ocean and the birds sing to welcome the new day, hopping into your selected vessel for your daily adventure. The salty water and the ocean breeze. Lush gardens, natural orchids and wildflowers. There are no words that can fairly express the feeling. This is something you have to experience in your own skin.

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