Getting married on a private island

Ever dreamt of getting married to the person you love, on a quiet and secluded pristine beach, whilst listening to the waves gently lapping the shore? Beach weddings have been an increasingly popular choice, but many don’t get put off by the idea of getting married on a private island, as they assume it is too complicated to organize. But this actually easier than you think…

When you choose to Selva Terra Island Resort in Panama as your wedding destination, you can rest assured our team will take care of all of the small details for you. You can expect a seamless experience from the moment you arrive in Panama. Ground and boat transportation will always be sorted, our menus will be adapted to dietary requirements, and an activity program including a special celebration party will be organized. Our team will ensure that your stay and special day turns out to be a trip-of-a-lifetime for everyone invited.


Despite many people believing that it is too complicated to organize a destination wedding, it is in fact much easier than you may think. One of the hardest parts of planning your wedding is catering for your guests. At Selva Terra, we operate as an all-inclusive resort, so you can be sure that you and your guests can relax and enjoy being well taken care of in laid-back luxury.

We will also fully decorate our venue to suit your preferences on colors, as well as provide services of a minister and stunning floral bouquets. Entertainment such as live musical performances or magicians can also be arranged for the celebration day. We will be here all the way to make your private island wedding experience as easy and hassle-free to organize as possible.


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A vacation in tropical paradise

Due to the island being private, you can enjoy all of the privacy and seclusion you need to enjoy both your wedding day, a vacation for your guests and a honeymoon to follow after.

We have several romantic adventures on offer at the island to make your trip even more memorable. 


Take a sunset cruise

As the vibrant sun dips down into the horizon, set sail with your special someone on a romantic sunset cruise. Out on the ocean, you’ll become immersed in the sunset’s vibrant colors which will glimmer and reflect on the water around you. There is truly no better way to enjoy the final hours of a day on your romantic tropical vacation.


Go horseback riding through the jungle

A relaxing horseback ride through a tropical vacation destination will make you feel transported into a scene from a romantic movie. As you sit atop a beautiful horse, you’ll wander through the beautiful scenery that surrounds you—from warm sandy shores to the lush jungles that bloom with life.


Enjoy a couple’s spa treatment

A romantic couples spa treatment is the perfect way to relax and unwind with your significant other. You and your loved one can choose from various treatments—from deep tissue massages to a calming facial. Amid a stunning island backdrop, such spa services become even more soothing and luxurious.

If you’re looking for a wedding destination where you’ll find awe-inspiring beauty alongside five star luxury then there really is nowhere better to choose. A private island wedding in Panama will surely impress your guests and provide memories to last a lifetime. Why not get in touch with us to discover how a wedding at Selva Terra Island Resort in Panama could be the perfect choice for you?