Romantic Activities to Do While on a Tropical Vacation

Romantic Activities to Do While on a Tropical Vacation

Tropical destinations to places such as Panama exude romance. From warm waves crashing against soft sand to breathtaking sunsets blooming over jungle canopies, there is a dreamlike scene around every corner. While you don’t have to look hard to find romance in a stunning tropical destination, there are several particularly romantic activities to make your trip even more memorable. Here are some of the most romantic activities to do while on a tropical vacation.

Take a sunset cruise

As the vibrant sun dips down into the horizon, set sail with your special someone on a romantic sunset cruise. Out on the ocean, you’ll become immersed in the sunset’s vibrant colors which will glimmer and reflect on the water around you. There is truly no better way to enjoy the final hours of a day on your romantic tropical vacation.

Go horseback riding through the jungle

A relaxing horseback ride through a tropical vacation destination will make you feel transported into a scene from a romantic movie. As you sit atop a beautiful horse, you’ll wander through the beautiful scenery that surrounds you—from warm sandy shores to the lush jungles that bloom with life.

Book a honeymoon package

Honeymoon experiences aren’t exclusive to the newly married—they’re also perfect for a special anniversary treat. Honeymoon resort experiences allow you and your loved one to enjoy a customized romantic escape without any of the planning. At Selva Terra Island Resort, our romantic experiences take care of all the details—from fresh flowers on the bed to chilled fruit upon arrival. We want you and your partner to focus on what is truly important; each other.

Enjoy a couple’s spa treatment

A romantic couples spa treatment is the perfect way to relax and unwind with your significant other. You and your loved one can choose from various treatments—from deep tissue massages to a calming facial. Amid a stunning island backdrop, such spa services become even more soothing and luxurious.

Have an island picnic

You can’t go wrong with a classic romantic picnic on the beach. Set up a blanket on a secluded spot and enjoy spending time with your love. Between the relaxing sounds of the waves and the distant noises of exotic wildlife, this picnic will provide the perfect romantic ambiance.

You can find each of these incredible romantic activities to do while on a tropical vacation right here at Selva Terra Resort in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama. To plan the romantic trip of a lifetime, contact us for more information regarding your services.

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