Top Panama Waterfalls You Have to Visit

Top Panama Waterfalls You Have to Visit

Waterfalls are mighty yet peaceful creations of nature. There’s something almost magical about standing at the base of a beautiful waterfall and beholding its immense beauty—especially in Panama. Panama is home to a countless number of these beautiful natural wonders, which are nestled in some of the most breathtaking forests and natural surroundings Mother Nature has to offer. Chase down the best of the best waterfalls in this stunning country—these are some of the top Panama waterfalls you have to visit.

The Lost Waterfalls

Some of the most famous and breathtaking waterfalls in Panama are known as the Lost Waterfalls. Located in the Chiriquí Province around the perimeter of Volcán Barú National Park, you can spot the Lost Waterfalls by journeying along their namesake trail, the Lost Waterfalls Trail. On this moderate to difficult hike through lush virgin cloud forests, you’ll have the opportunity to view three of Panama’s most stunning waterfalls. Truly a sight to behold, they’re as beautiful as they are powerful.

El Chorro Macho

El Chorro Macho is an impressive 35-meter (115-foot) waterfall located in Anton Valley, Panama. At the base of the breathtaking cascades, you’ll find a mystical natural lagoon where visitors can swim and fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the falls. You can reach this easily accessible waterfall by crossing a few suspended rope bridges and journeying on a short walk through a beautiful cloud forest.

San Ramón Waterfall

The San Ramón Waterfall is nestled on the right side of the Caldera River in Los Naranjos, Chiriquí, Panama. The momentous waterfall is roughly 50 meters (164 feet) tall. Part of what makes the San Ramón Waterfall one of the top waterfalls you have to visit in Panama is its accessibility. You can reach these powerful falls by car, and you can even view them right from the road—no hike necessary. In addition to the beautiful falls, visitors can also enjoy picturesque views of mountains, crystal-clear rivers, and vibrant wildlife.

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