5 Relaxing Things to Do in Panama at Cala Mia Island Resort

5 Relaxing Things to Do in Panama at Selva Terra Island Resort

Everyday stressors can add up and become overwhelming as time goes on. According to Medical Xpress, “the majority of Americans (55 percent) said they had experienced stress during much of the day…” Such prolonged stress can have several negative effects on your mental and physical health, including high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and panic attacks. As such, it’s important to get your stress levels down to prevent these potential symptoms. A great way to do so is by treating yourself to a calming vacation in the beautiful country of Panama. Here are some of the most relaxing things to do in Panama that you can experience right here at Selva Terra Island Resort.

Relax at the spa

Taking a trip to the spa is a trademark of any relaxing vacation. Our experienced therapists perform all the services at Spa Cielo. Located on an adjacent island, visitors can easily reach the spa by crossing over the hanging bridge that connects it to the resort. While receiving one of our many spa treatments—from hot stone massages to exfoliating facials—let your anxieties wash away with the sound of waves in the distance.

Participate in a yoga class on the beach

Yoga is widely known for its stress-reducing capabilities. When combined with the relaxing ambiance of the slow-rolling ocean waves and the calming view of sunrise or sunset, its effects become even more powerful. Feel the soft sand under your feet as you partake in our soothing programs of relaxing breathing exercises and poses that are suitable for all ability levels. We do not require participants to have equipment or yoga experience.

Go on a sunset cruise

Watching the sunset reflected in the beautiful Pacific Ocean is the perfect way to end a relaxing day at our Panama island resort. For the best view, journey on a sunset boat ride. While gliding over the surface of the sea, sip a delicious drink and spend time enjoying the scenery with your loved ones.

Sunbathe on a private beach

Reconnect with the ocean at one of Selva Terra Island Resort’s private beaches. We are one of the only resorts in the region to have two private beaches; you can relax without the noise or crowds of a public area. While lounging on our stunning beaches, you can also enjoy a bite to eat from our wood fire-brick pizza oven. Guests also love soaking up the sun on our swimming platform which includes deckchairs, hammocks, and sunbeds.

Paddle board or kayak on tranquil waters

Selva Terra Island Resort offers complimentary kayaks and paddle boards so that you can safely explore the tranquil waters surrounding the island. As you glide along the secluded tropical coastline, make sure to take a break and admire the stunning natural environment and pristine beaches. If you’re a beginner, the protected waters of Selva Terra bay provide the perfect place to get acquainted with the sea.

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